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Each year VDI offers groups the opportunity to sell 50/50 tickets to fundraise for their event or group.




We have a total of 22 weekends to offer. Due to the large number of community groups and teams that request consideration for a weekend we use a lottery system to choose each weekend’s group.


The Coldbrook and District Lions Club operates the drive-in and has mandated that we offer the first 6 weekends in our season for groups doing School functions (safe grad fundraising, bands, etc) that are time-sensitive. The same lottery format applies for all weekends but the draw for those weekends will be limited to those groups. If your group falls into that time frame please let us know.


All groups will be contacted to confirm their eligibility for the lottery and to sign the necessary paperwork. This does not guarantee you a weekend but will confirm your acceptance into the process.

1. Each group will only get 1 weekend per season

2. By applying you are committing that your group will arrive each night with a MINIMUM of 2 worker.

3. Requests to get into the lottery must be made to Mary MacKinnon via email  In the email provide the name of the group, a contact person, email,  and phone number. 

4. If your group is selected for a weekend you will be required to complete our participation form and agree to the other terms and conditions in the agreement, you are also required to obtain a free Gaming license from the province.

5. No Adult sports teams are eligible

6. No individual fundraising (example: fundraising for yourself to participate in an event)
7. All third party fundraising must have a letter from the group they are raising money for confirming that the group is aware of the fundraiser and expecting to receive the donation (contact us if unsure about this)

8. Group must supply all their tickets and supplies, tables, chairs and FLOATS. The Drive-In will not supply change (i.e. signs, collection buckets, floats, etc).

9. If your group is not able to participate in the weekend you are awarded, they are not transferable to another group or weekend. VDI will assign an alternate group.

10. When your group is selected you commit to each night for that weekend regardless of the weather. VDI operates rain or shine. Come prepared for the weather.

11. All groups must use the format 1 ticket for $2, 15 tickets for $5 and have your rolls of double tickets pre-sorted in strips of 15 tickets for quick distribution. (NOTE: many groups underestimate the number of tickets needed…bring lots)


COME PREPARED: We ask that you not apply if you (or a member of your group) have not been to VDI to see how the 50/50 is done.  We see many groups waste weeks by not understanding the process.  We should note that while this is a great opportunity, it is not for every group. Groups that come prepared can easily raise several hundred dollars over the course of a weekend. Please don’t waste a weekend by not being prepared.


The selection process will give everyone a chance for a weekend. We will notify any groups or individuals if you do not fit our criteria for participation in the selection process We plan to book at least 4 weekends at a time and will give you several weeks of lead-time to get your lottery license.


We will be contacting the group that has been chosen via email. Thank you for your interest in our 50/50 program and for your understanding of the system we use to create a fair chance for every group. Good luck in the lottery. We wish you all happy selling. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to email us.

All requests must be made via email to Mary Mackinnon  


Rules governing ticket lotteries in NS can be found

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