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The Valley Drive In is a family orientated facility. In order to maintain a safe and pleasant environment for every patron, patrons agree upon entering by entering the Valley Drive-In Theatre to abide by the following rules: View Standing Rules

Please park properly - 2 cars between each pole.

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Q: Can I smoke at the drive in?

Q: Do you operate in the rain?

Q: What is your admission Price?

Q: Do I have to pay for my infant child?

Can I bring my Pet?

Q: Do you have Interact?

Q: Can we come in our RV (motorhome)

Q: Can I pre-book a spot?

Q: When should we arrive to get a good spot?

Q: What if my battery goes dead?

Q: What are your upcoming movies?

Q: How many people constitute a carload?

Q: I want to join my friends who have already paid and entered the drive in? Can I just walk in?

Q: Can I run my car's engine during the movie?

Q: How do I turn off my daytime running lights?

Q: Do I have to watch both movies or can I just come to one?

Q: Do you show the Movies during severe weather?

Q: What is your refund policy?

Q: It’s a nice night can we sit outside the vehicle?

Q: Can you get more family or kids movies?

Q: Can we bring in our own food to the Drive In?

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