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  • Park so that there can be TWO (2) cars between the poles

    • If you do not park in the correct spot, you will be asked to move​​

  • High-backed vehicles such as SUVs, Jeeps, and trucks MUST park at the yellow poles, at the discretion of the Drive In staff

  • If you have mobility issues, please ask a staff member for assistance of where to park

    • There are two designated handicapped spaces near the canteen

  • Please put the bag for your garbage either at the pole you parked beside, or in one of the recycling facilities near the canteen before you leave​

  • The highest point of your Liftgates, hatches & doors may not be raised higher than the top point of your windshield.  Final determination of acceptable height of hatches to be at the discretion of our parking attendants.​

  • If using lawn chairs, sit IN FRONT of your vehicle

    • DO NOT sit in your lawn chair beside your car; TWO (2) cars can fit between the poles​

  • Please turn your vehicle's lights off BEFORE the movie starts out of respect for others around you and to keep them off the screen.

    • You would not like it if someone had their headlights shining in your eyes as you try to watch the movie​

    • There are free headlight covers at the canteen

  • Carbon monoxide is poisonous. DO NOT leave your car engine running!

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