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Rules & FAQ's

The Valley Drive In is a family orientated facility. In order to maintain a safe and pleasant environment for every patron, patrons agree upon entering by entering the Valley Drive-In Theatre to abide by the following rules:

1.       The speed limit inside the main gate is 10km per hour.

2.       The success of this Drive In is directly linked to our canteen sales; we ask that you not bring in food and beverages.


3.       Daytime lights: Please use ONLY your parking lights when entering the theatre. In the case of daytime lights, you may have to cover your headlights with brown paper or newspaper and masking tape if you don’t have a switch in your car to turn them off (apply parking brake).


4.       Vans, trucks, high tops, jeeps, SUV’s, RV’s must park the in back row so not to block the view of the screen. Please do not ask if your vehicle can be the “exception”. This will be at the discretion of our parking attendants.


5.       The highest point of your Liftgates, hatches & doors may not be raised higher than the top point of your windshield.  Final determination of acceptable height of hatches to be at the discretion of our parking attendants.


6.       Any over sized trucks, or vehicles with lift kits, roof racks, carriers etc. on top of a vehicles roof may require moving you back to the back row.  This will be at the discretion of our parking attendants.


7.       GOLDEN RULE: there are two parking spaces between each pole. Please park close enough to allow for another vehicle. If you are enjoying the show out of your vehicle, sit in front of your vehicle.


8.       Be considerate of the people around you. Do not raise voices, radios, or make noises loud enough to disturb other patrons.


9.       Shoes must be worn at all times by all persons. NO EXCEPTIONS! Do not carry shoeless children.


10.      Obscene language or profanity will not be tolerated.


11.      No running!! Go with your children when they leave the car!


12.      The playground closes when the show begins.


13.      Alcoholic beverages are prohibited on theatre property.


14.      A limited number of portable radios are available in the canteen on a 1st come, 1st serve basis for your enjoyment and convenience ($10.00 refundable deposit or a piece of ID required).


15.      Please don’t sound your horn to start the movie. The movie will only begin once it is dark enough to project it on the screen. Honking your horn will not make the darkness come quicker!!


16.      Laser pointers are forbidden; anyone found using laser pointers on the screen will be banned from the drive in!!


17.      Carbon monoxide is poisonous. DO NOT leave your car engine running!


18.      You may not cook, grill, or in any way prepare food on the premises.


19.      Videotaping the movie is a criminal offence.

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