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Rules & FAQ's

Park Properly - 2 cars between each pole.
you will be asked to move
PARK Properly!!

Q:  Can I smoke at the drive in?

A:  As per provincial regulations smoking is not allowed in vehicles while any child under the age of 18 is "present" (in your vehicle or the ones beside you by way of second hand smoke). Cannabis is not allowed to be consumed inside of a vehicle, both are considered illegal acts, based on the legislation. (Smoke Free Places Act, NS Cannabis Act). 

All visitors should not smoke at the drive in. We ask everyone that needs to smoke while at the drive in to do so away from the parking areas and away from the under screen playground area. To be clear you need to stand on the far side of the entrance and exit roadways.

Q: I’m new to the Drive In – what are the ground rules?

A: Click here to see our standing rules for the Drive-In.

Q: Do you operate in the rain?

A: We show rain or shine?

Q: What is your admission Price?

A:  $30.00 carload, $22.00 couple, $15.00 single  (pre-booking admission is not required) Admission can be paid on arrival.)

    ($32 carload for online ticketing ($2.00 service fee for processing)


Q: Do I have to pay for my infant child?

A: No,  Newborns to Toddlers do not pay.  On nights with kid-friendly movies, we will charge for kids over 36 months.  

Q: Can I bring my Pet.?

A: Yes we are pet friendly, we ask that all animals be leashed while out of the vehicle and that you pick up after your pet.  

Q: Do you have Interact?

A: Yes we interact in the concessions and gate 

Q: Can we come in our RV (motorhome)

A: Yes. Parking for RV's will be at the direction of VDI staff based on size and space available.  Admission will be charged based on a carload rate for a max of 5 people.  Additional charges will apply for additional people at the VDI determination.  All RVs must exit the drive in once at closing  NO EXCEPTIONS there is  NO OVERNIGHT Camping.  Any RV remaining onsite overnight will towed at owners expense.  

Q: Can I pre-book a spot?

A:  We do allow for pre-purchasing of carload passes online (which guarantees your admission) however our parking spaces are on a first come basis. NOTE: you are not required to pre-book -  All admissions are available at the gate when you arrive.

Q: When should we arrive to get a good spot?

A: We highly recommend arriving an hour before showtime (especially for newbies)  to get a good spot

Q: What if my battery goes dead?

A: We have several booster packs and give boosts for free

Q: What are your upcoming movies

A:  You can find our upcoming movies listed on our Upcoming Movies Page here .  We post them as soon as they are confirmed.  If the date you are inquiring about is not listed we have not yet confirmed movies for that weekend.

Q: How many people constitute a carload?

A: We consider a carload to be the 3 or more people IN THE VEHICLE AT TIME OF ENTRY. In cases where a vehicle is excessively overloaded (i.e., pickup truck with body full of people, etc) we reserve the right to determine a carload to be based on the maximum number of seat belts in the vehicle. Vehicles with passengers in excess of the number of seat belts will be charged the single rate ($15.00) per person.

Q: I want to join my friends who have already paid and entered the drive in? Can I just walk in?

A: In ALL cases everyone entering the Drive In Theater property MUST ENTER through our front gate and make their entry known to our gate staff. Vehicles must inform the gate staff upon entry about others joining them so proper admission is charged. Where people are looking to join a vehicle that has not advised gate staff in advance,  that person or people must pay a single rate charge of $15.00 per person to be allowed entry.

Q: Can I run my car's engine during the movie?

A: We strongly recommend that you do not run your engine for long periods during the movie. Noisy car engines are bothersome to your neighbors in then next car. Also Carbon Monoxide is poison and can build up with several vehicles running in close proximity to each other.

Q: How do I turn off my daytime running lights?

A: Apply your parking brake (emergency brake), it will shut off most vehicles' daytime running light. If this fails to work you must cover your headlights with cardboard or a sheet, to keep the lights off the screen.

Q: Do I have to watch both movies or can I just come to one?

A: Our gate remains open until after the second movie starts. Feel free to drop by late if you want to only attend the second movie. The admission price remains the same. Call the movie line on the night of the movie to see what the approx time of the start for the second movie will be.

Q: Do you show the Movies during severe weather?

A: We are committed to run each night regardless of weather assuming at least 10 paying vehicles are present by Showtime. In the event of severe weather (high winds/lightning/rain etc, mechanical breakdown, or unforeseen circumstances the management reserves the right to cancel the show and refund as per our refund policy.

Q: What is your refund policy?

A: There are no refunds or date transfers for any online admission passes (all online ticket sales are final).  Customers who pay at the gate are only available for a refund prior to the start of the first feature. Once the first feature has begun NO REFUNDS are given under any circumstances.  In the event of show cancellation by management due to severe weather, mechanical breakdown or unforeseen circumstances prior to showtime OR during the first feature, a full refund of your admission price will be offered.  

Q: It’s a nice night can we sit outside the vehicle?

A: We welcome you to sit out under the stars. Please remember to bring a portable FM radio to hear the movie outside of your car. Lawn chairs must be placed IN FRONT of the vehicle NOT in the parking space next to it.

Q: Can you get more family or kids movies?

A: We strive to get every family orientated movie as soon as we can. Unfortunately, the movie companies release a very few “General” rated movies during the summer months. Please click here for a more detailed explanation of film ratings in Nova Scotia.

Q: Can we bring in our own food to the Drive In?

A: The vast majority of the revenues from our gate admission prices go to cover the cost of the movie. Our Drive In survives on the profits generated from our concession sales. We have very reasonable prices with large portions. Please support us in our concesion. 


Click here to view the Concession Menu.

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